Tuesday, 28 July 2015

ENBUS 202 Environmental management systems - 2015

ENBUS 202 - Environmental management systems is a core course delivered to second year students in the Environment and Business program at University of Waterloo in the fall term. This year marks the 18th for this course.

Calendar description

ENBUS 202 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 005265
Environmental Management Systems
The examination and evaluation of Environmental Management Systems such as ISO 14001. Alternate EMS systems will be compared and reviewed to identify their respective strengths and weaknesses. Case studies will be used to illustrate the ideas presented.
Prereq: ENBUS 102; Environment and Business students only


1. Once again in 2015 we will be using the Brady textbook, which is available in the Waterloo bookstore:

John Brady, Alison Ebbage, Ruth Lunn (2011). Environmental Management in Organizations. Second edition. Earthscan. April 2011, 9781849710626 (Hardback).  http://www.earthscan.co.uk/?tabid=37&st=basic&se=brady

2. Also required is the ISO 14001:2004 standard. This 12-page document is required reading and critical to the course. Get the right document! The identical standard is available in other languages – which may be helpful to some – but the course is in English. It is available as a PDF.

ISO (2004). Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use. International Organisation for Standardisation. ISO 14001:2004. Geneva: International Organisation for Standardisation.

Through Library's homepage, clicking on this type of sequence: Resources for Research / Online reference shelf / Standards/Codes /Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Online Subscription Service the UW library. Or try these links http://ereference.uwaterloo.ca/display.cfm?categoryID=22&catHeading=Standards%20/%20Codes or http://testtube.uwaterloo.ca/Go/index.cfm?resource=28372 or http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/Ejournals/passwords/gocanstand.html
  • Once into the CSA site, look for "Environmental Standards" - and get the correct version of 14001 (English, 2004 edition) that are the requirements.
  • Or buy it. Various packages and sets of supporting documents are available starting at about $110 as a PDF from the Canadian Standards Association. See http://www.shop.csa.ca/