Thursday, 11 December 2014

PhD opportunity on sustainable materials

Opportunities for PhD studies on sustainable materials include:

- conflict minerals and global metal supply chains
- mapping metal flows and quantifying critical materials (a hot topic that needs more academic attention)
- advanced methodologies in life cycle assessment (LCA) for resources and materials
- sustainability auditing, standards and certification of sustainable materials, including green buildings (e.g., LEED v4) and responsible sourcing
- critical review in LCA (an under-researched topic of interest to the LCM community)
- recycling and managing the life-cycles of electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries

The Faculty of Environment has announced 30 funded doctoral places for domestic students, totaling $90,000 over 4 years. Prof Young is supporting this initiative with an opening for a high-quality domestic (Canadian or permanent resident) candidate interested in multidisciplinary business/sustainability research.