Friday, 7 November 2014

Guest lecturers

Many thanks to colleagues, practitioners and sustainability professionals who contribute timely and important content to my courses at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Lindita Bushi

Senior Research Associate, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute 

November 2014 on life cycle assessment and materials lightweighting in the automobile industry.

Naz Ritchie

Environmental Engineer at Region of Waterloo

November 2014 on environmental management system for the Region's waste management.

Stephanie McCallum

Air Quality Technologist at Kuntz Electroplating Inc.

October 2014 talk on environmental management and regulations in the plating industry.

David Rekker 

Project Principal at MMM Group, Kitchener, ON

October 2014 on materials use in green buildings including a review of the new LEED green building certification.

Liz Muller

Principal, Liz Muller & Partners, Corte Madera, California

July 2014 on sustainability auditing of commodity supply chains, using the example of organic cotton and her experience developing the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). 

Scott Freiburger

Managing Director & CEO, AET Group, Kitchener, ON

June 2014 on Management System Process Auditing: Techniques that Add Value.