Thursday, 12 June 2014

Workshop on "solid waste management" at Waterloo

On June 24, 2014 academic and industry experts are assembling to discuss "solid waste management", support by the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy. Three themes are running:

  1. Resource Recovery Theme
  2. Energy Recovery Theme
  3. Analysis and Policy Theme - which I am the assigned facilitator

My hope is to move away from the stigma of "waste" towards a stronger vision of resources, value and innovation. We should be developing business incentives, governance and supporting policies to establish self-funded circular economies for each industry. Each sector needs to evolve its own stewardship authority to manage its "waste" -- its discarded products and end-of-life resources. On its own priorities and given its own structure, each industrial sector can identify, evolve and develop necessary technologies and management approaches to conserve material value, minimize environmental impacts and satisfy stakeholders.

The vision is a zero waste, circular economy that runs sustainably.