Monday, 5 May 2014

Spring courses May-August 2014

My two "spring" courses begin today.

ENBUS 621 - Enterprise carbon management

This online graduate level course is a key elective under the Master of Environment and Business program (MEB), and is suggested as an elective for students in the Master of Climate Change (MCC) and the MES in Sustainability Management (SUSM). The course also attracts students from other departments and programs -- Environment and Resource Studies (ERS) and Engineering.

Calendar description: This course exposes students to best practises in greenhouse gas management from the perspective on a business. This course goes into depth on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, quantification and management. It includes organizational GHG inventories, with reference to international and regional standards, protocols, regulations and schemes; GHG information management systems; expectations and approaches to disclosure of carbon emissions and management activities; and strategic business positioning for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

More details online at the Centre for Extended Learning.

ENBUS 308 - Advanced environmental auditing

The purpose of auditing is to verify assertions that are made about organizations, products, services and activities. Valid assertions support credibility and legitimacy in the market and policy arenas. Environmental and sustainability programs may include standards, certifications and labels but vary tremendously, as do the applications and implementation of auditing requirements. We will look at a variety of types, sectors and programs. Focus 2014: Sustainability standards and auditing.

Based on the international standard, ISO 19011:2011. Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing, the course will look at various forms of sustainability auditing: compliance, performance and management systems.

Calendar description: This course covers approaches and applications of environmental auditing that build upon the contents of ENBUS 202 and ENBUS 204. The course will cover topics such as: comparison of ISO 9001/14001; comparison of environmental auditing to other types of auditing; the role of environmental auditing in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and corporate governance; auditing of other assertions (e.g. product environmental claims and greenhouse gases); evaluation of specific case studies; and consideration of the different requirements from different countries both in the developed and developing world.    Prereq: ENBUS/ENVS 202 and ENBUS 204