Sunday, 24 November 2013

ENBUS 402 research projects and student teams 2013-14

This year I am advising two exciting project teams comprising nine students in the fourth year ENBUS 402 course. The course runs September to April over two terms. It is the capstone requirement in the BES undergraduate program in Environment and Business, SEED, University of Waterloo, and completes the honours degree before students graduate. Each group undertakes applied sustainability management research with an industrial or business partner.

The Value of ISO Environmental Standards to Organizations in Canada

Aveneer Consultants

  • Anum Khan (Business Development Officer)
  • Eliz Tuen Muk (Business Intelligence Analyst)
  • Shelley Moffat (Project Manager)
  • Shradha Singh (Strategic Business Analyst)
  • Sophie Liu (Stakeholder Relations Officer) 

Project partners:
  • Vanessa Mitchell, Project Manager, Sustainability, CSA Group, Canadian Standards Association
  • Jonathan Fung. Project Manager, Sustainability, CSA Group, Canadian Standards Association
  • Lynn Johannson, E2 Management Corporation, Acting Chair and Head of Delegation, SMC to ISO/TC 207 

Cascaded Use and Sustainable Management of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Mobility and Stationary Power – Business Model & Feasibility Analysis

Extended Life Cycle Consultants (ELC)

  • Tucker Gagen, Manager
  • Danielle Harper, Administrator
  • Jonathan Lee, Technician
  • Junsun Wei, Planner

Industrial partners are Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. and Panacis Inc.

The team is part of the collaborative research and development project Cascaded use and sustainable management of lithium-ion batteries in mobility and stationary power, supported by NSERC (Government of Canada)

The project includes professors and graduate and undergraduate students from three departments across Faculties of Environment and Engineering at University of Waterloo.