Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Reuse of lithium ion batteries from electric vehicles

Funded research project 2012-2015

"Cascaded use and sustainable management of lithium-ion batteries in mobility and stationary power."

Collaborative Research & Development from NSERC, Government of Canada, with industrial partners Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. Panacis Inc.

Research team

Dr. Sean Bernath Walker (post-doc)
Students: Leila Ahmadi, Ben Gaffney, and several undergraduate research teams

Professor Steven B. Young (SEED)Professor Michael Fowler (Chemical Engineering), Professor Roydon Fraser (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering)


Widespread use of high performance lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles has begun and will grow exponentially over the next two decades. To maximize environmental benefits and business value, batteries and the advanced materials they contain will likely be used in a cascade of 'multiple life-cycles', specifically three major phases: first, in electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) for efficient clean electric mobility; second, in stationary applications where batteries are re-purposed for uses like back-up power and load-leveling; and third, strategic metals and complex battery chemicals will be recycled and reprocessed in closed material loops to find additional beneficial applications.
This project brings together approaches from environmental science and industrial ecology with chemical and mechanical engineering. The research will enhance our understanding through integrated life cycle management models and tools for Li-ion battery systems in light duty vehicles.