Tuesday, 29 October 2013

LCA of bio-based composite materials

Funded research project 2011-2015

Ontario Research Fund Research Fund (ORF-RE4) (2011-2015). Improved Utilization of Co- products from Second Generation Biofuel Industries for the Production of New Industrial Bioproducts (BIONIB project).

Research team

  • H.I. (Moses) Moussa- Masters of Environmental Studies, Environment and Resource Studies Master’s student
  • Jeremy Vasil- Masters of Applied Environmental Studies, Local Economic Development (2013)
  • Yves Gerard- visiting scholar (2011)


Dr. A. K. Mohanty (University of Guelph), Dr. M. Sain (University of Toronto), Dr. M. Misra (University of Guelph)


Life cycle assessment (LCA) of bio-based products and conventional materials, suitable for auto parts and consumer products made of new biobased materials.
  • LCA methodology and theory. Develop and test approaches and models on various potential solutions to the “co-product problem” for bio-based materials and products.
  • Making LCA broader and deeper. Longer term aim for a broader set of sustainability indicators and stronger meaningful assessments of complex agri-food products.
Ontario LCA data development. Biobased industrial products from agricultural and forestry production: feedstocks materials (switch grass, miscanthus, lignin, hemicellulose, etc.), chemicals (succinic acid, glycerol, etc.), polymers (polybutylene succinate, etc.)