Saturday, 13 July 2013

ENBUS 308 student group topics on sustainability standards

There are 25 keen undergraduate students in my ENBUS 308 course on sustainability standards and auditing this year. We are learning about environmental auditing practices, ISO 19011 standards, greenhouse gas verification, Ontario's drinking water quality management system, and corporate transparency. The group projects examine a cross-section of sector based programs on various sustainability initiatives around the world:
  1. Canada Organic Regime covering food certification in this country
  2. EKOenergy on green energy retailing
  3. Forest Stewardship Council, one of the original sustainability certification schemes
  4. WRAP – the very topical standard on apparel production facilities
  5. BOMA BESt on green buildings
  6. EPEAT electronics environmental labeling
  7. Responsible Jewellery Council