Sunday, 7 April 2013

Congratulations to my 4th year project teams in Environment and Business

Last Friday was the presentation and awards night for 18 fourth year project teams in the BES undergraduate program in Environment and Business, SEED, University of Waterloo graduating class. I am delighted by the efforts, progress and results achieved by my two outstanding groups.

“Conflict Free Consulting” Group

Henry Yu, Vincent Vuong, Wenjun Simon Jiang, Andrew Hedman, Liam Docherty, Chris Burke

This group examined the severe issue of conflict minerals use and management in the electronics supply-chain. Their objective was to examine patterns and capacities for conflict material management across firm size and geographic location. Using desktop review and global survey of electronics, components and materials companies, their results showed a strong correlation between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and conflict minerals management, with the greatest intensity of activity associated with North American based firms.
  • The group caught the attention of one of the evening's judges, Nelson Switzer, who leads sustainable business practices in Toronto for PwC, including their global conflict minerals practice.

“Demeter” Group

Aaron Wilhelm, Amy White, Amber Nicholson, David Kudak, Boris Klaric

These five worked with The Neighborhood Group of restaurants, which run three establishments under the Borealis and Woolwich Arrow names in Guelph and Kitchener. Using primary data, Demeter group established a sustainability performance profile for energy, waste and water. Through customer surveys and employee interaction, the group parsed options for the restaurants to improve their operations and developed a strategy for their client's leadership as a small business in the food service sector.
  • Awarded #1 for Best Presentation
  • Awarded #1 for Best Poster